Hear Our Story

Simply put, CTi Plastic is a manufacturer and supplier of indoor/outdoor plastic containers specific to the floral and home decor market. We showcase a broad range of containers for our customers - from simple, turnkey designs, to unique, custom-tailored programs.

At the heart of our business, we are a team driven by excellence in design, production quality and customer service. Our in-house creative enables us to achieve container designs that are pleasing to the eye, functional and colourful to attract your customers. Our manufacturing facility in Nanjing, China, grants us the ability to turn our concepts into reality, sporting terrific colours and finishes to enhance seasonal decor and special occasions alike, and in high volumes. And our dedicated service team ensures that the customer experience is a positive one - from the initial call to receiving the order, and everywhere in between.

Whether you're looking to enhance your current line of indoor/outdoor containers or planning on creating a complete, exclusive line, we can be of service!


Scott White & Michael Wu